Hello World! I'm Ela Naiman, a UX UI Product Designer.
Welcome to my Portfolio! I love exploring product functionality, interface, brand voice & visual.

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Mobile App

Hairdressers CRM

My Role:

Research, Ux, Ui

Chop Chop is a Hairdresser CRM assistant, crafted for those who wish to have long lasting & productive relationships with their customers and with the hair on their heads.


E-Commerce Store


E-commerce & Brand

My Role:

Research, Ux & Lead Design

(real name omitted) is a development toys brand focused on pioneer bath toys & curiosity driven experiences for babies & toddlers. I was leading the process of creating a new website for the brand, which is being developed now. 

Please contact me for password to view the case study. 

Smart home dashboard


My Role:

Creating a clear, pleasant ui for a daily life product, suitable for all ages and tech levels, was my goal. I focused on Iconography and a fresh color palette that will work both in day & dark modes.