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Ela Naiman


Hello! I'm Ela Naiman, a product designer focused on UX & UI, Visual Design and identity 

Hello! I'm  Ela Naiman, a product designer   focused
on UX & UI, Visual Design and identity  


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Product design is an opportunity for me to set up systems which provide an engaging experience to users & make brands speak in their unique language.

You can read more about me & feel free to contact with any interesting idea.
Also, here's my illustration work.

Chop Chop

Mobile App | Hairdressers CRM

Research, Ux, Ui

Chop Chop is a Hairdresser CRM assistant, crafted for those who wish to have long

lasting & productive relationships with their customers and with the hair on their heads.

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E-Commerce Store

Web | E-commerce & Brand

Research, Ux & Lead Design

The brand (real name omitted) is a development toys brand focused on pioneer bath toys & curiosity driven experiences for babies & toddlers. I was leading the process of creating a new website for the brand, which is being developed now.  

Eccomerce-iMac-Mockup_No BG.png


Web | E-commerce

Web Design

My love for interiors and design pieces with valuable legacy led me to develop this conceptual project during my studies. 

The goal was to create an appealing web environment to exhibit classical objects, furniture and related content, leading to profitable sales. 


Icons & Pictograms

Ui / Graphic language

A mix of different elements I've created to catch the eye and complete different experiences.  

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