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כבאים קומפוזיציה.png
A Toy, A Game, A Sculpture.
It is a set of wooden pieces which together form and create scenes and functions. 

To create a modular Toy family based on playful Aesthetics And flexible-full-of-Imagination experience. 

TOTLE consists of Independent objects assembling into new, bigger objects together.

In this project I was fascinated by shapes and their potential to describe the world in fun and simple ways. I searched for the negative spaces of shapes that can be used and relate to new objects, relations and forms.

This project is a exploration of the visual potential of toys, and the fulfilment of my aim as an illustrator to create sculptural graphics.  

TOTLE is my graduation project from Bezalel academy of arts and design. 
כבאית שלמה.png
כבאית תחילת פירוק.png
קומפוזיציית בניין.png
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