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My Role:

Research ✨ UX ✨ Design


About the brand

A leading brand in bath & development toys, creating innovative products that inspire curiosity and discovery through fun and play.


Two previous brand websites combined into one brand store, which features many different opportunities to reveal the brand vision and language, adding value to the experience in the store. 

Keeping the focus on the brand and the experience is, in my opinion, the key to selling the products profitably. We want to improve the engagement, create a good impression and distinction in our field and, by all those, leading to satisfying purchases & warm customer reviews. 

✔️ Responsive website

Shopify-based ✔️

Brand content ✔️

Chop Chop is a Hairdresser CRM assistant, crafted for those who wish to have long lasting & productive relationships with their customers and with the hair on their heads.

Websites Evolution

Product Page

Product Page

Store - Purchase

Category Pages

New Website

Product Page

Store - Purchase

Category Pages


Brand content

SEO Optimisation 

Social Brand Image

Brand Vision
Category Videos
Blog Update
Social Media Gallery
Top Of Home Page

My mission was to enrich the home page and add brand value to it. Here's how:

Feature Scroll bar
Shortcut buttons
360 View Gallery
Play & Develop

Category Page
SEO Content, Product Grid, Filter

The structure of the category pages is formed to be another field of getting to know the brand & the values it stands for. An introduction text was added under the large hero image with SEO purposes as well as reflecting brand benefits. We've planned the category page to contain product collections, age collections & special occasions such as special sales or new product launches. Here's how:

Category Page_Mobile-04.png

Micro marks & Images

Filtering Option

Category Page - Bath Toys.png

Introduction Text

Brand voice & value in text 

From the beginning, it was clear that the website will be the home of the brand, connecting the customers, no matter which direction they arrived from, to all the ideas that form the products and keep them going. When making a commitment to this need, we used every opportunity to remind the visitors the passion and curiosity we live on. Here's how:

  • Campaign area - The blog is an excellent setting to place all the special campaign pages, develop new ideas and create festive opportunities.

Blog Home Page_2x.png
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