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My Role:

What is Chop Chop?

Chop Chop is a Hairdresser CRM assistant, crafted for those who wish to have long lasting & productive relationships with their customers and with the hair on their heads.

Mobile App

Hairdressers CRM



Walking around with short hairstyle for years have made me very careful about picking my hairdresser & getting to know with my haircut preferences. As each haircut is an opportunity to make changes or sticking tightly to something I'm already into, thoughts about providing a tool which sums up & organises the client-hairdresser relationship came to my mind. 

Keeping up with all that would be much easier if there was a tool for Hair professionals that would organize everything there is to know about a client. Hair textures & desirable hair cut shape & nature, visit history list & images.

Target Audience

Independant Hairdressers

Freelance Hair Care professionals

Small Hair Studios

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We all know our haircut choices are not only about fashion trends or practical silhouettes. 

A haircut is not only about beauty or fashion, it actually forms an important part of one’s self-expression and identity. Hair can reflect a person's interests, age, experiences, cultural background, religion, beliefs, occupation, or dreams... 

Now-days, time can be considered as currency. Maintaining a freelance business can be a serious juggle, tangled up in constant changes of your schedule and trying to remember each client and every haircut. While many professionals move into freelance life, a strong and simple tool to bundle up & organize the business is needed.

Pain Points & Challenges

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Too many apps needed
to organize the business flow

Schedule | Portfolio | Client Media | Visit History Message Templates | Camera & Notes & More

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It’s confusing trying to Gather effectivly your images by groups to show clients work examples

Your images should have a propper place where they could be ordered by your choice & be shipped from to the world!

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It’s Hard keeping Up with clients by Texting & messaging

It’s time-consuming and usually missing effectiveness.



I contacted 5 Hairdressers who maintain a freelance business and are meeting clients regularly. 

In our session, I focused on the key questions I've prepared and allowed them to express freely through each question about their daily routine, communication with clients, pain points and needs.

Potential Users interviews


  • Most clients reach through recommendations & word of mouth. 

  • The most popular tools are casual messaging apps like WhatsApp & Messenger via Instagram or Facebook.

  • Calendars are very important, and the common Google one is comfortable to use. 

  •  Collecting references is usually made through phone / computer folder default system or at Pinterest. 

  • Common challenge: Remembering to Send followup messages.

  • Common challenge: Remembering to take a picture before & after.

  • Common challenge: Maintaining a collection of  portfolio haircuts.

  • Common challenge: Remembering who is who and getting ready for a haircut from scratch.

Interview Questions

 How do you reach new clients 

 What tools & apps are you using to communicate with your clients 

 About how many customers return for a second haircut 

 Are you using photos or reference images to get ready for a haircut 

 Do you tend to contact the clients after the haircut Explain the interaction. 

 What is your main challenge today in achieving your business goals 

 What tools & apps are you using to organize the calendar and daily schedule 





A built-in portfolio collected by self created & customised tagging system.

Templates make it easy to communicate effectively & set your brand tone.

Feature List

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Client History through an image & info of every single haircut.

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Embeded Schedule synced with client pages makes it easy to get ready & set.

App Map


Low Fidelity Wireframes

Task Flow 1:

Getting ready for a haircut

Task Flow 2:

Adding & tagging a new client image


View your daily schedule & get a quick look on client info for extra preparation

Schedule is synced with any calendar

Every Booking slot will include all the info you need- Images from previous visits- Tags highlighting types of hair & haircut preferences.



Need to know more?

Click on the client Card to navigate to the Client page.

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That’s your booking month view, for a zoom-out glimpse on your business activity

Check any date & use the indicator marks to Easily locate free dates for booking / vacation!

Every Booking slot will include all the info you need
- Images from previous visits
- Tags highlighting types of hair & haircut p

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