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About me


I see product design like Frankenstein's creation -
they come to life and always need their creators attention, improvements & tweaks 🧟‍♂️ 


B.A - Visual Communication - Bezalel 2016
UX Ui studies - Codesigner 2020 - 2021
HTML & CSS basics 2021 - Now


Now You Know - Product designer Current position

Yookidoo® - Graphic Design, web, marketing, illustration, social,
E-commerce lead designer
2018 - 2021

ChopChop elements-07.png

Skills & Tricks

🐝 Adobe CC | Figma | Sketch
Webflow | Basic HTML & CSS
🐝 illustration | Writing | Social Media
🐝 Campaign creative | Art direction & Concept

& Kid Pix!

Kid Pix.png

After graduating with BA in Visual Communication, I had a long journey of exploring the aesthetic & practical fields of design.
I spent 3 years as a multi-medium designer at the studio of Yookidoo, a toy company, where I took part & leaded different brand and product processes. 
Smart objects with charismatic appeal and functional-delight features make me happy. No matter if they are web products, apps, toys, or electric fans.

Learning & improving through every challenge is my bread & butter.


* Other things I enjoy doing & take seriously: Illustration, brand identity, reading random Wikipedia pages, watching fashion shows, grooming my plants 🌷

🐝 I consider myself a responsible, curious & organised being.
🐝 Questions for me are a major generator in a design process.
🐝 Trends are important in order to understand our current world, and yet self-consciousness is essential in order to live in it with a purpose.  
🐝 I like working in diverse teams & happy to be leading a process.
🐝 I love words, appreciate sharp copywriting and see it as a key part of the product branding.
🐝 Dream job: cat patten designer
🐝 I appreciate precise color naming (like parmesan beige, ghost white or olive black) 

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