What is my Raison D'Être?

After graduating with BA in Visual Communication, I had a long journey of exploring the aesthetic & practical fields of design. Smart objects with charismatic appeal and functional-delight features make me happy. No matter if they are shoes, toys, chairs or electric fans.

Digital product design is an opportunity for me to set up systems which provide an engaging experience to users & make brands speak in their unique language.
Products are like Frankenstein's creation - they come to life and always need their creators attention, improvements & tweaks 🧟‍♂️


* Other things I enjoy doing & take seriously: Illustration, brand identity, reading random Wikipedia pages (sometimes in Italian), grooming my plants, occasional art Direction & waiting for the 70's to make a comeback.... 🐝

🐝 I consider myself a responsible, curious, organised & careful being.
🐝 Questions for me are a major generator in any design process.
🐝 Trends are important in order to understand our current world, and yet self-consciousness is essential in order to live in it with a purpose.  
🐝 I like working in diverse teams and happy to be leading a process.
🐝 I love words, appreciate sharp copywriting and see it as a key part of the product branding.
🐝 Dream job: cat patten designer

Skills & Tricks:

Adobe CC / Figma / Miro

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